Features and Benefits:

•  A Simple Device —Simply unfold and place dishes, no adjustments required

•  Space-Saver  —Four or five dishes in the space of one

  1. Universal Fit  —Securely holds random size plates, bowls, bakeware and

    cookware... even your tablet computer with recipe

  1. Temperature Range  —From oven hot to freezing cold

•  User Friendly  —Quick and easy to open for use, and fold for storage

•  Flat Storage  —Less than an inch thick when stored, fits in dishwasher

•  Low Cost Manufacturing  —Various materials at various price points  


•  Buffet Serving  —A tiered server with a wide choice of plates... and stores flat 

•  Small Kitchens  —If space is limited... put up high-risers!

  1. Large Kitchens  —Arrange prep area to fit within arm’s reach

  2. Cooks and Bakers  —Stack cookware and bakeware directly from oven or stove,

    all in the space of a single plate

•  Outdoor Use  —Extra plate capacity on small surfaces

•  BBQ  —A BBQ support-stack on that tiny grill shelf increases your work space

•  The Cool Factor  —Have your guests ever seen anything like it?

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The video shows two Kitchen Hi-RisesTM, one made of bamboo and the other of aluminum.  They may be manufactured of various types of plastics and metals, wood, glass, and other materials.

   The Kitchen High-RiseTM is an implement like no other.

One that changes the way you do things when you

Prep, Cook and Serve Food

... and Store Flat

•  Platters, plates and bowls

•  Cheese boards

•  Bakeware and pie dishes

•  Cookie cooling racks

•  Baking sheets & pans

•  Frying pans

•  Upside down Lids

         (keep drips inside)

•  iPad with recipe

•  And more

...Even bricks are held securely

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Increase Your Workspace, then Store Flat

•  Four or Five Dishes with Food, in the Space Of One

•  Holds Cookware, Bakeware, Platters, Plates, Bowls, and More

•  Any Dish, No Adjustment, Held Securely

•  Temperatures from Oven Hot to Freezing Cold

•  Just Fold and Store Flat

Use for...